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The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants - The First
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This community is all about Anne Brashares amazing book " The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants ", it's sequel " The Second Summer Of The Sisterhood ", and the latest instalment in the series " Girls in Pants". New Members are always welcome!

Most communities have a list of drawn out, boring, and rather stupid rules. I HATE RULES. There is but one in this community :


Basically that means, be kind - no insulting. If you have any spoilers or anything of the like, respect the other members and put it behind a cut. And although I'm not going to chase you down and murder you if you don't , it's just much more respectful if you do.

Swearing is fine. We all swear, but I’m not telling you to excessively run your mouths or anything - be respectful. Try not to swear, but it's not as though I’m going to delete your entry if you do:)

New members are always welcome. Even if you've never read the books before, and you're just intrigued about it :D Then join, ask questions, that's what a community is for. This is not an exclusive community. We won't murder you if you've never read the books.

Okalie, I think I’ve said everything I intended to say:) *feels accomplished*

This is a good community. I hope it stays active, and we keep getting more members :D

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